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Definition of a role model:
A person who serves as a model in a particular behavioral or social role for another person to emulate.

A role model is someone worthy of imitation!

Every person needs a good role model http://www.torontomapleleafsteamstore.com/adidas-nikita-zaitsev-jersey , a person who is worth following. But who is your role model? Is that someone you know? Does the person have a positive influence on your life? This world is looking for people to follow. This world is looking for heroes. Usually people look for role models in television from movies and series to the world of music and sports. People who appear on TV are looked at as big stars and heroes. But are they what they pretend? Some of them are and some of them are NOT!

Almost every day when I go on the Internet to read my newspaper, I get shocked when I read stories about so called role models. Some of these stars are acting like they own the world and can do whatever they want without realizing that millions of people who are looking at them. Millions of teenagers are impacted by what they are doing. Millions of teenagers are imitating what their stars are doing. I dont want to mention any names, but some of these people have such a bad destructive lifestyle that only destroys and kills. This might sound harsh, but its the truth! No wonder why so many teenagers are suffering from depression and anorexia.

These stars are showing a life that is not normal and no-one can live up to that (or down to that!). They have a perfect body (after 25 surgeries!) but tell me how on earth is that normal? They are doing all kinds of things on the stage that only belongs
in an x rated movie. And that is supposed to be normal? I dont think so.

Everybody is looking for a hero and role model on television. Its like, if it is on television, it is the truth and the real thing and nobody can question it. But instead of looking for role models in television, we should look for real life heroes in our real life.

Who are you following? Who is your hero? Are you living someone else image? Do you dare to be yourself? Do you dare to be different? Are you hanging around with a group of people where you try to be as cool as possible and where you are caring a mask, so that no one can see who you really are?
I have some advice for you; Do not swim with the stream of dead fish. But create your own steam of life and be a leader and a role model yourself.

A good role model could be you or somebody else. It is someone who acts and believes in the good of a person. A real life hero is not wearing a mask; heshe doesent have to be someone else, but is just like heshe is. Be yourself and people will
love you for it and follow you!

You can be a leader!

You can show the way and be a role model. Stand up and make an impact youre your life. People are waiting for someone like you to step up. To be the positive influence you can be. You can be a great leader if you dare to step up in front and
lead the way.

Becoming a great influence and leader in this world takes time and is a few steps each day. Few steps of good choices that influence the people around you, and then you will become a role model.

God has a great plan for your life and He wants you to be a leader of influence. The best that you can ever do with your life is to give it all to him, every small and big thing in your life. Staying close to Jesus will make you succeed in life. Staying close to God will make you succeed in life.

People will follow you if they see the good in you. So live your life with good and healthy choices. Think about the consequences that your choices will have. Be a supportive and encouraging friend, show with your life that you care about others.

Guide Keys: Dont wear a mask! Just be yourself. Help others with support. If someone talks bad about your friend and you hear it, then stand up and rebuke
them. Protect your friends and they will protect you.

LISBON, Oct. 3 (Xinhua) -- Portugal' s new coach Fernando Santos has named his squad of 24 players for games against France and Denmark later this month, the Portuguese Football Federation said on its website on Friday.

The list includes three players who have been called up for the first time: Ivo Pinto of Dinamo Zagreb, Joao Mario of Sporting Club of Lisbon and Jose Fonte of Southampton. Santos also included Danny, Ricardo Carvalho and Tiago who had previously been dropped from the squad by his predecessor.

"We will see a winning team made up of players that want to make the country very happy. In strategic, technical and tactical terms we will face the competition on a game by game basis, whilst always taking into account the difficulties that each adversary gives us," Santos said in a press conference to announce the team.

The Portuguese national football team is due to play a friendly against France on Oct. 11 in Paris and a Euro 2016 qualifier against Denmark on Oct. 14 in Copenhagen. Due to an eight-game FIFA ban Fernando Santos will not be allowed on the sidelines of the Denmark game.

The full team list is as follows:

Goalkeepers: Anthony Lopes (Lyon), Rui Patricio (Sporting LisbonPOR), Beto (SevillaESP)

Defenders: Bruno Alves (Fenerbah?eTUR), Fabio Coentrao (Real MadridESP), Pepe (Real MadridESP), Antunes (MalagaESP), Ricardo Carvalho (Monaco), Ivo Pinto (Dinamo ZagrebCRO), Cedric (Sporting LisbonPOR), Eliseu (BenficaPOR), Jose Fonte (SouthamptonENG)

Mildfielders: Adrien Silva (Sporting LisbonPOR), Andre Gomes (ValenciaESP), Joao Moutinho (Monaco), William Carvalho (Sporting LisbonPOR), Joao Mario (SportingPOR), Tiago (Atletico MadridESP)

Strikers: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real MadridESP), Vieirinha (WolfsburgGER), Eder (Sporting BragaPOR), Nani (Sporting LisbonPOR), Ricardo Quaresma (FC PortoPOR), Danny (ZenitRUS).

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